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Nursing Home Staff,

Thank you very much for the card, notes and the lovely rose that you sent at the time of Mom's funeral.

We also want to thank you for the loving care given to her for many years. We always felt comfortable knowing that she was well cared-for during the stay.

We're also grateful that she is no longer bound by the horrible Alzheimer's disease.

Thanks much!

Carinne, Joanne and Bob
(Florence Rublee's family)


Area Nursing Home Management,

Just a note to say what a fine nursing home in Colfax!

Kay and I, along with our son Cory and granddaughter Kaydee, made five unannounced visits to your facility last September.

This was to visit my mother Catherine Bammert. Each and every time the facility was clean and well-staffed. Also seemed to have very good food.

Mom was pleased with the activities and church service. She calls the home her home. Mom looked nice, was clean and her hair looked good.

The "Minneblom" section has an excellent staff. We got to know some of them quite well. It's also nice to have Mom by the phone on Tuesday mornings when we call.

Also I will be sending several calendars for your facility, from Idaho. Please use wherever you need them.

Thanks for the newsletter and other information that has been sent to us. We will be back sometime in the spring.

Keep up the good work and keep in touch with us.

Paul and Kay Bammert


Dear Friends,

Thanks all of you so very much for the loving care you gave our mother. She always said how thankful she was to have such a place to live. Also said how many hugs she always was given. You were like family to our mother. We wanted her to live with us but we knew she'd never be happy elsewhere: She loved her town and the wonderful friends she had. A million thanks to all you caring people.

Also thank you for the beautiful red rose. We know you truly cared for Mom.

Dick and Jan Neumann

Deb and Staff,

Just a note to let you know how much I like the way my mother is taken care of.

I visited her 6 times last August. Every time, Mom looked good. The unit she is in is clean and well kept. Also the rest of the building.

Your staff is outstanding. I've gotten to know Jayce and Judy. They keep me informed about Mother.

Also its nice to have Mom at the phone when I call on Tuesday mornings. We enjoy the newsletter. It is interesting and fun to read. I have read articles out of it for Sunday School!

One of your other residents, Paris Thibado, is a lifelong friend. We had nice visits with her. She also likes where she is.

Mom keeps telling me she is at home there and is happy.

Kay and I will be back next summer to check you out. Keep up the great work.
The best to all of you for a New Year.


Paul Bammert

Colfax Rehab & Nursing Home
We want to thank you for EVERYTHING you did for our Mother, Stella DeMoe,  and making her last days as comfortable as you could.

She thought and said in the beginning that she always wanted to go back home, but she knew in her heart and mind that she would not be returning home, so you made her stay at the nursing home as if she was at home.

Again, there are not enough words for us to express our appreciation to your staff, volunteers and even residents who where there for her at the end.
Thanks again.

Will & Vicki Froeber
Sue Barstad and family
Rick & Kathleen Robles and family
Jeff & Tami DeMoe and family
Diane Wulle, very close friend.


Staff at Colfax Health & Rehab Center:

Thank you so much for your generous gifts and cards. It is greatly appreciated and will be used for the Alzheimer's "Memory Walk" in memory of Norman.

Your thoughtfulness and caring for Norm and me the past three years has been a great blessing. I felt it deeply.

I shall always have good thoughts and pleasant memories that the whole staff has shown for us.

My Gratitude and Love,


Dear Colfax Health and Rehab center staff,

How does one say thank you for over seven and one-half years of loving care? Any attempt I make mil not be sufficient enough. I do thank you for the love and care you did give to my dear sweet momma. l would love to personally thank each and every one who cared for Lotis Jackson over the years. It is not possible for me to thank each one of you individually so l will attempt to thank you corporately.

This journey we made with Lotis was not without trials and tribulations. We all made mistakes as one does traveling through this life. However we did our best and we made corrections and adjustments along the way. l know l didn't say thank you enough. So let me say thank one more time...Thank you so very much for all you did whether it was cook, clean, laundry, personal care, visit, move furniture, walk about, dance with, the list is endless. Yow added to the quality of Mom's life and I thank you again.

The Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center is a wonderful facility. l know that you strive to achieve the highest level of care for each resident. It is because of your desire to treat each individual will dignity and compassion that you are so good at what you do. Keep on reaching for the stars... they are among you.

Deb S.


Thank you for the care given my dad, Randy W., over the past several weeks!

You are a great team! Everyone always willing to do just that "little bit extra" to make Dad and our family comfortable during his recovery.

Deeply Appreciated --
Deb Hoage


To all the Staff:

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful care that you gave to my mom, Marjorie Kowalski. You gave her back to me for 6 months and for that I am forever greatful.

Barb and Larry Wundrow & family


To the Area Home Staff,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the love and care that you showed to my mother, Edna Hepner, during her stay with you. There truly are angels among us and you're at the top of the list.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Betty Durch (Edna's daughter)


I want to extend my extreme gratitude, and that of my entire famity, for the care given and the kindness shown to my mom, Shirley Heath, during her stay in Colfax. Likewise, the care and consideration shown to all of us during Mom's last days were appreciated more than I can say.

I am so glad I was able to have her closeby after she had to leave Siren. I knew she would be in good hands because of the care my father-in-law received when he stayed with you; I probably  shouldn't have been, but was pleasantly surprised by the amount of one-on-one attention she received from all the staff members. You have a wonderful set-up in the Minne Blom wing. It was reassuring to realize how well they knew my Mom…her sense of humor, her kindness, and her "ornery-ness"... and loved her just the same. Whenever I visited, I felt I was among friends and knew that Mom was.

In particular, I'd like to recognize the CNAs - Kathy, Tami, Sheri, Mia, Pat and Brianne (hoping I got the names right and didn't leave anyone out); the nurses who cared for Mom those last days Tammy, Cheryl, and Cathy; and Ashley from Activities who adopted Mom and filled in for the
grandkids who weren't able to visit nearly enough. It doesn't seem entirely fair to single anyone out as your entire staff was always helpful and cheerful and I know, only too well, how difficult that sometimes is. (I am the Human (Resources Manager for the Fall Creek Valley Care Center). You all should be  proud.

Again, my eternal thanks,
Sherril Anderson


Dear ANH Staff,

If ever you feel unappreciated or unrecognized for the work you do here, remember that you made a huge difference to at least one person and her family.

Everything you did to keep our mother clean, safe, comfortable, well fed, and healthy made the difficult experience of watching her decline easier for us.

Your responsiveness to our concerns, your will-ingness to notify us about her problems, and your awareness that a clean, bright and friendly environment Is important to residents told us that she was In good hands.

Because "thank you" isn't enough to express our appreciation for countless jobs well done, we want you to enjoy this pizza treat in honor of our mother, who loved food as much as anything In life.

Donna O'Keefe & Barb Harber, the family of Florence Capek