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Mission Statement
Our mission is to recognize the unique needs of persons with dementia; to respond with care that recognizes those special needs and allows the individual to function and enjoy a quality life to the best of their ability.

About Us
Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center is known for its small, personalized atmosphere.  We provide specialized programs in a homelike atmosphere to meet each individual need. Along with nursing, all staff members including housekeeping, dietary, maintenance and administration have special training in dementia care. We strive to have consistent staffing for continuity of care.
A nursing assessment prior to admission is ideal to prepare staff to best meet the residents' needs. Family members can provide a personal and family history; giving valuable insight such as care giving tips, food preferences, spiritual needs and ideas to help with the adjustment.

Part of that process is doing a Global Dementia Rating Assessment to determine the life stage the individual is at. This assessment is a tool to help determine what the individual is able to do; if they are able to cooperate, and what we need to do to meet their need. The results of the assessment are valuable to the residents' family/guardian to clarify what is realistic for their loved one. The assessment and stage specific outcome is rather lengthy. It helps determine what the resident can physically and emotionally accomplish. We welcome your questions for specific details.
Dealing with dementia is difficult for anyone whose life is touched by it. We work with the person afflicted by this disease and support the family/guardian that loves and cares for this person. We welcome you to visit our home and see how our program works.